Magnolia Fine Art Wallpaper

Magnolia Fine Art Wallpaper


Magnolia...   "Yin" The Feminine Side of Life - Original Watercolor 

26" W x 98" H per Roll

185.00 per roll

I now offer my Original Watercolor Paintings as a new collection of Fine Art Wall murals and Wallpaper.

My Original Magnolia Watercolor painting has been transformed into this beautiful repeat parttern wallpaper.

This wallpaper will bring any room to life, whether in your home, commercial, corporate or hospitality, the spaces will become unique interiors. 

There are so many creative ways to use Murals or Wallpaper - try it on your ceiling -  especially in a bedroom.

Have a look at my Original Watercolorist and ask me about designing your favourite into a Mural or Wallpaper.

I am happy to share my Watercolors with the world










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