Original Watercolors

Shawns painting style changes with her mood and emotions while she creates, as a very loose, free flowing watercolorist she explores many different styles to create her own unique look.  Some paintings are impressionistic, very soft and lightly touched while others may be much bolder, wild and full of energy.  Her distinct color palette is beautiful, rich, muted shades of nature, golds, greens, pinks, purples and blues.  

Believing that quality and shades of paints used make all the difference in the end result she uses only the best professional artist quality watercolor paints and watercolor paper, allowing her to ensure customers that each piece will be cherished for years to come.

Spending free time in natural environments and visiting botanical gardens Shawn captures fabulous photos of flowers, trees, lakes, oceans and the landscapes to be used as inspiration for future paintings.  Each painting is rich with emotion and a love for the art form that she hopes resonates to the purchaser.  Sharing her passion for the natural world Shawn hopes to help people bring the calm and meditative energies into their home and work spaces through her art.   

Recently Shawn has expanded her available work to include watercolors on various mediums including giclee fine art prints, art cards, wallpaper, silk scarves, tapestries and canvas bags.  These bold pieces are sure to make a statement in your life and have opened up the options for how her watercolors can be enjoyed on a daily basis both in fashion, home decor and gift giving.