About the Artist


Shawn Macpherson

Shawn Macpherson has always felt at home near nature, surrounded by trees, flowers and water so it is no wonder her art is inspired by such.  Born and raised in Windsor Ontario, she left as a teenager, living across Canada in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, creating gardens in every home along the way.  Residing now near Toronto Ontario in the town of Oakville, she lives along the shores of Lake Ontario and enjoys the beauty of the near by Niagara Escarpment.  

Creativity has always run through her veins, but Shawn truly discovered her creative side and started enjoying life and art again after a long illness and decades in a very serious business, which she is still currently a partner.

The inspiration behind her watercolour and pottery work stems from her passion for nature, sharing with others the different flora, gardens, waterways and landscapes that surround her at home and in travel. Life is all about balance now as she takes more time to connect to the natural world, create art and share her creativity with others.  Photographing gardens and landscapes helps her to bring inspiration home to recreate the beauty in her own style through watercolor.  

Shawn has studied with world-renowned Artists and is constantly learning and experimenting with new techniques. Her painting style is very loose, free, ethereal and even impressionistic at times. Known for her beautiful rich muted color palette, her paintings can be painterly, soft, muted or bold, wild & full of energy. 

As a bit of a rebellious soul she prefers taking risks and doing it her own way,  breaking the rules rather than following them.  You can really sense the emotions felt in each piece created as her unique styles flow freely.  

Along the journey of rediscovering art and tapping into her creative side Shawn discovered a love for Pottery.  Now creating organic, one of a kind pieces for everyday use from small plates to large platters, paint brush rests, tumblers, spoons and vases each piece is unique.  Her passion for watercolor shows in her creative glazing techniques as she plays with texture, patterns and shapes to create rustic, wabi-sabi pieces that'll last lifetimes.  

Shawn hopes to bring a peaceful and meditative emotion to those who enjoy her work in their everyday life.  Bring the tranquility and beauty of the outdoors in with her unique collection of watercolors and one of a kind pottery.  

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