Falling for Autumn

Autumn seems to be a favourite season for many. Depending on where you are located, you can be surrounded with color. Here in Oakville Ontario Canada, we are blessed with many deciduous trees which love to put on a show of color. Of course we have many Oak trees, hence the name Oakville.

What is a Deciduous Tree? Deciduous trees are giant flowering plants. They include oaks, maples, and beeches, and they grow in many parts of the world. The word deciduous means to “fall off,” and every fall these trees shed their leaves. Most deciduous trees are broad-leaved, with wide, flat leaves.

Let’s not forget about deciduous vines & shrubs and my favorite flowering shrub Hydrangeas. They are always stunning and even more so in the fall with the color of the blooms changing as well as the leaves. Changing to rich rustic burgundy, pinks, purples, which make the blooms look antique.

Here are a few photos I’ve captured on a walk of a beautiful private school property along Lake Ontario.

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Testing out Watercolor Paper

For years I have painted on Moulin du Roy cold pressed watercolor paper by Canson but unfortunately it has been discontinued. There have been many changes in the Art Paper Business and it seems Watercolor Artists around the world are searching for the perfect papers. The takeovers, buyouts and amalgamation in the paper industry have left us frustrated with the quality of all papers.

So back to my paper situation. I will be testing out many different papers and this is my first review.

INDIGO Artpapers, Handmade in India, 140 lb Cold Pressed, 100% Cotton paper

Distributed out of Alberta Canada, which I was surprised but happy to hear.

My first impression of this paper is Softness…. Fluffy Cotton and it seemed odd at first to paint on such a soft paper. I’ve painted some simple floral sketches to see how the paint and water flow on the paper. If you follow me, you know I am a very loose spontaneous painter, so I will be experimenting more with this style on the paper.

So far I am pleased with the texture and how the pigments mix and flow together.

Follow my Blog for more reviews and to stay updated on latest paintings, shows, events etc…

Enjoy Spring Again

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Into the Garden Art Exhibition

As the remnants of Hurricane Florence were reaching into Southern Ontario I was setting up for Opening Night Wine & Cheese on Sept 21, 2018.

It was a blustery day and evening and I am very thankful to those who did venture out that evening to attend the Art Show and to help make it a success. It turned out to be a lovely weekend and many stopped by the Art show Saturday and Sunday. They also enjoyed the flower gardens outside and the views from the historical Art Gallery on the bluffs overlooking Lake Ontario.

I was very excited to launch my newest addition to my Art on Textiles Collection. My Hydrangea Watercolor Big Bold & Beautiful is now designed on Silk Scarves, Canvas Tote Bags, and Wall Hanging Tapestries as well as Fine Art Wallpaper Murals.

The designs are printed onto luxurious textiles with water-based dyes creating art with gorgeous vivid colors.

I am happy to say that I have sourced and have hand chosen all of the fabrics, designers, and seamstresses. And all my work is handcrafted, sewn, Canadian made and designed in Toronto Canada from my original Artwork.

The first collection of silk scarves have been created on 3 different luxurious silks and each one is unique in color and texture. I look forward to designing many more one of a kind silk scarves from my collection of watercolors.

If you have a favorite painting of mine that you would like to see designed into a scarf or tote bag please let me know. I’m happy to hear from you and know what you would like to see in the Art on Textiles Collection.

I also released many new original watercolor paintings in beautiful vivid colors. A few in colors that were a bit out of my usual color zone. Something different in oranges, reds, yellows and I am happy with the new colors.

Also, remember if you are interested in a Giclee Fine Art print have a look on my website or contact me to see if your favorite painting is available.

As I am writing this blog I am listening to relaxing meditative Tai Chi music, which I also find watercolor painting to be very meditative and relaxing, but that is another blog.

Follow along with me on my journey of painting and building my Art on Textiles Collection so I can share my watercolors in so many more ways from paintings, scarves, bags, wallpaper. I need to fill the world with flowers and the Art of Flowers.

Hope you enjoy the little peek Into The Garden Art Exhibition

Till next time…. Stop and Smell the Flowers

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Hydrangea Lovers Dream

Hydrangea Lovers Dream Come True

You never know when & where you will find a Garden Treasure. August 2017 we vacationed in Newport RI and Cape Cod where I found the Garden of my Dreams.

To be exact it is The North American Hydrangea Test Garden at Heritage Museums & Gardens in Sandwich Mass. on Cape Cod.

Heritage Museums & Gardens is made up of 100 acres of landscaped gardens, water features, sculpture, walking trails, nature trails, gallery buildings and more. 

And The North American Hydrangea Test Garden is home to over 150 cultivars and species, showcased beautifully.  I have never seen so many varieties and different colors of Hydrangeas.  I'm sure I photographed every single Hydrangea plant.  I gasped at the beauty of each one and the colors, the shades, were magical.

True Hydrangea Heaven.

 If you find yourself on the Cape, be sure to stop into Heritage Museum & Gardens, The North American Hydrangea Test Garden will be there for a few more years. Don't miss it.

The Gardens are filled with many beautiful flowers, plants & trees.  But the highlight is definitely the Hydrangeas, along with the most gorgeous displays of Echinacea Flowers.

Hope you enjoy a few of the hundreds and hundred of Hydrangeas I photographed.  

This is my inspiration for my latest Hydrangea Watercolor, I have many more to paint.


Thank you for visiting and I hope you Love Hydrangeas as much as I do.

Did you know - Worldwide, hydrangeas are the most celebrated, cherished and revered garden plants.



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Frigid December

Frigid December

Well, this has been one of the snowiest and coldest winters we have had in years.   With all this frigid weather I have spent my Christmas holidays painting Spring.   That's the beauty of painting, we can surround ourselves with what we love or what we are feeling.


So I have spent my holiday's painting flowers, my latest watercolor is a vibrant floral and once you have a look at the weather in my neighborhood you'll understand why.

Hope this watercolor will bring you a little bring of Spring!

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