Testing out Watercolor Paper

For years I have painted on Moulin du Roy cold pressed watercolor paper by Canson but unfortunately it has been discontinued. There have been many changes in the Art Paper Business and it seems Watercolor Artists around the world are searching for the perfect papers. The takeovers, buyouts and amalgamation in the paper industry have left us frustrated with the quality of all papers.

So back to my paper situation. I will be testing out many different papers and this is my first review.

INDIGO Artpapers, Handmade in India, 140 lb Cold Pressed, 100% Cotton paper

Distributed out of Alberta Canada, which I was surprised but happy to hear.

My first impression of this paper is Softness…. Fluffy Cotton and it seemed odd at first to paint on such a soft paper. I’ve painted some simple floral sketches to see how the paint and water flow on the paper. If you follow me, you know I am a very loose spontaneous painter, so I will be experimenting more with this style on the paper.

So far I am pleased with the texture and how the pigments mix and flow together.

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I hope you enjoy this little bit of Spring Again