Chrysanthemum... One of the Four Gentlemen (Framed)

Chrysanthemum... One of the Four Gentlemen (Framed)


7.5" x 11.25"

Framed & Matted

Medium: Watercolor on 140 lb Moulin du Roy cold pressed Fine Art watercolor paper
Professional Extra Fine Artist Quality Watercolor Paints

Signed Original by Shawn Macpherson

Original loose Watercolor painting in Asian Style.

Four Gentlemen. The Four Gentlemen (四君子), also called the Four Noble Ones, in Chinese art refer to four plants: the plum (梅), the orchid (蘭), the bamboo (竹), and the chrysanthemum (菊).

This painting was inspired by my visit to Chinatown in San Francisco where I purchased many wonderful Chinese Art books and learned of the Four Gentlemen.

This is a very unique painting with bluish black watercolors, but it has the look and feel of Chinese Ink. The painting is very soft, bi=ut will also make a statement wherever it is hung.  This painting will look great in most settings and add a soft touch, such as in a bedroom, garden room, guest room, living room, dining room, office.

This Original Framed Watercolor will be wrapped & protected for shipping.

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